Twitter blames its users

I almost did a Mike Arrington headline, like the one he used recently against Wired magazine, when he was frustrated that they were calling him out. It would have been so satisfying. But, I decided to play it straight. At least here. Over on FriendFeed I let my full fury out.

What happened? Well, you can see the headlines over on TechMeme. Twitter blamed its “popular” users for its woes. Now, who could that be? Right. Venture Beat filled in the blank, if you just weren’t sure.

A business that blames its best users is one that’s in trouble. Serious trouble.

It’s so sad to watch a business make so many bad decisions like this one is doing. Right now a pretty significant part of Twitter is down. Track isn’t on. IM isn’t on. Other parts of the service are giving me tons of whale photos that say something is technically wrong. It’s so sad because I really want to use this service to keep in touch with my friends and fans and family and enemies and all that. They all were on Twitter. Now? On FriendFeed alone I now have 11,566 followers (a large percentage of which joined in past two weeks). There is a migration underway, although most people say “I really want to be on Twitter” even after trying out competitive services like Pownce, FriendFeed, and Jaiku.

Please Twitter: fix your darn problems and stop blaming your users. You now have $15,000,000 in venture. You have no excuses anymore.

Thanks to for the cartoon.

Hot at Google IO: Android

How can you tell what’s hot at a conference? Come to the party and check out the size of the crowds around the tables.

Answer: Android. Android is Google’s open source cell phone operating system and range of cell phones.

Look at TechMeme. The demos are awesome. Go watch them on the Android Community website. They were filmed by this guy who tells me what his favorite demo was.

It’s becoming clear I was wrong about Android (when it first came out I was skeptical). They have one huge hurdle to execute on, though: getting devices into stores so normal people will be interested.

But look at the tables. Android has the attention of developers. That’s key.

Steve Gillmor recorded the press conference with his Qik camera  along with the keynote.