Where has Scoble gone?



Why am I doing both of those instead of blogging? Easy: I’m listening to more than 16,000 people there and that starts interesting conversations.

Coming soon (mid-April) is a redesign of my blog and FriendFeed will play a big part in that.

Today I’m going over to interview the FriendFeed folks. Watch http://www.qik.com/scobleizer for live video from there at about 11 a.m.

FriendFeed, in particular, shows my work on a bunch of different services, not just on one. You’ll see my YouTube videos, my Twitters, my Google Reader’s shared items, my interactions with a very rapidly-growing community on FriendFeed, my Upcoming event additions, and a bunch of other stuff.

Is this the new blogging? Well, my blog here is now for longer, more thoughtful pieces and the pressure to publish every day here is far far less than it was a year ago.