The changeosphere

The blog world is seeing more change right now than I’ve seen in years.

Mike Arrington is close to those changes, and reports on some of them (money, linking, and cliques).

Mark Cuban caused a bunch of noise a few days back by writing that newspapers shouldn’t call their blogs “blogs” because it destroys their brand. Hey, I agree with that. FastCompanyLive is really my videoblog, but I don’t call it that. Cuban followed it up with another post that’s very astute. Says what matters is why you do what you do.

Mike Arrington, again, told us about stats that Yahoo Buzz brings blogs (millions of readers). I find it interesting that bloggers are interested in the huge audiences. I really don’t care, I want the right audience, not a large one (believe it or not, so does my sponsor, Seagate).

And then there’s the FriendFeed thing. That’s bringing me a bigger change in the people I’m reading than I’ve seen in many years.

If you are a blogger, or a blog reader (hey) are you seeing changes?