UnFriendFeed: TechMeme

Heh, I just had to write something about the FriendFeed Food Fight. Heck, everyone else is doing it and it seems to be working very well as a gaming mechanism for TechMeme, even if the words are getting pretty darn unfriendly there.

Me? I’m loving FriendFeed even more as more people try it out. It’s amazing, when Duncan Riley says something really, really, really, really sucks, tons of people feel compelled to try it out. I think every entrepreneur will now want Duncan to call their product names. Certainly having a food fight over a product makes that product much more interesting.

It almost makes me wish he’d say that I really, really, really, really, really suck as a blogger. Bring it on Duncan! I need the traffic! Heheh.

Anyway, now you can follow almost everything I do (hopefully really soon now FastCompany.tv will be on FriendFeed, and then my domination of FriendFeed will be complete!)