Twitter now reliable?

I used Twitter a LOT during SXSW and it was only down for a few seconds that I could see. This is a huge turnaround in reliability.

I’d love to know what they did to finally fix their reliability problems.

In the meantime, congratulations to Twitter for finally getting reliable. Hopefully it doesn’t go down tonight to spite me the way Amazon went down when I bragged on Jeff Barr and the Web Services team there.

It’s been a long year, but surviving SXSW is a big feat and one that’s really appreciated by me.

One thing I’ve noticed is that Twitter is growing again because of the reliability upgrades. I’ve gained 1,500 Twitter followers in just a few weeks. My friends are seeing similar growth.

Speaking of Twitter and geeky stuff like scalability, the Twitter tech team is doing a technology blog. Mighty geeky, with some cool stuff, like how to get your stolen iPhone to Twitter home!


I miss Dare’s blog

You can tell I haven’t been reading feeds lately. Been too busy trying to get things going at Not sure that’ll change much this next month (I’ll be in airports at least four separate trips over the next five weeks). But I did want to come back to this.

I’m sad that Dare Obasanjo isn’t blogging anymore (I linked to Jeff Atwood’s blog, who linked to all the stuff). We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye but he made me smarter, and that’s all I can ask of anyone. He works at Microsoft and I interviewed him for Channel 9. He says he never expected his family to read his blog, and that made things more complicated (his dad was President of Nigeria, which I can imagine made things pretty difficult).

Interesting how I found out this news. It was by reading Alltop, then visiting Mike Arrington’s blog, and then visiting the trackbacks on Mike’s post.