Qik’s from SXSW

I got a few interesting Qik videos at the SXSW conference.

Here we visit AMD’s hotel room to get a look at their new chipset that enables $500 PCs that can properly display Vista’s UI and let you play video games with decent quality. That’s a real breakthrough on price/performance due to integrating ATI’s graphic acceleration technology in with AMD’s processor.

iLike’s CEO, Ali Partovi, told me about a deal they made with R.E.M. to distribute their new album that comes out on March 24 for free.

I visited the exhibit hall, and got a few videos.

1. Make Magazine. Phillip Torrone is one of my heros, he is the most creative person I know.
2. MyXer. Mobile content house.
3. Empressr, a cool online multimedia tool/service.
4. AdaptiveBlue, a toolbar that lets you shortcut search.
5. Scenechronize, a production management tool for movie/video companies.

Earlier in the week I caught up with Kyte.tv’s CEO and got a good look at their new video streaming and video distribution system. I’ll be testing that against Qik soon and will write that up when I have a good chance to test the two systems out against each other (I use Qik from my cell phone to bring you these videos). Unfortunately the connection kept going down, so we split that video up into five pieces. Here they are: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V.

Finally, Twitter star, Jim Long. Known as @newmediajim on Twitter. Why is he a star? Because he has an interesting job: he’s a cameraman for NBC in President Bush’s press pool. Why is he interesting? Because on his Twitter account he gives us details behind the scenes about what it’s like to cover the President.

Using Qik is still an experiment, by the way. Some people like these, others hate them (I film them with my cell phone, so sometimes the video dies right in the middle of an interview and often the audio or video quality isn’t that good. Plus I need a good 3G or WiFi connection to make them work in the first place). But I find I get a much different kind of interview with the cell phone than I do with our bigger pro cameras, so I’ll keep doing them. Would love feedback about how to make them better for you.


Loving my FriendFeed

I love my FriendFeed. Here’s a list of top bloggers who are using the service. Why do I love it? It’s one place you can find all my stuff and, even, comment on it. It’s amazing the discussions that a 140-character “Tweet” on Twitter can generate. I subscribe to a ton of people on FriendFeed and notice that often the conversations after a Twitter message will be 1000x longer (and generally more interesting) than the Twitter itself. Good stuff, this weekend I’ll try out SocialThing too. I got a demo and it looked pretty cool as well (although it doesn’t support as many services).