The story of the Alta Vista party at SXSW

We were tired of waiting in line for the Google party at SXSW. So, what did we do? We went to Twitter, just like CNET said.

Who throws the best “unofficial” SXSW parties? The same guy who throws the best “official” ones, of course!

Scott Beale!

What did he do last night after getting tired of waiting in the Google line?

He found a bar that was empty. Sat down in the back. And Twittered “Alta Vista Party at Ginger Man.” In the video I shot of the Google Line, you see Francine Hardaway as she found out about Scott’s party and follow us as we walk down to Scott’s party. At the end of the video you see Scott Beale explaining the whole thing.

We were among the first eight there. Soon there was 50 or so. Gotta love Twitter!

Why “Alta Vista?” Well, Alta Vista is the search engine that Google basically relegated to a footnote in history (it was #1 back when Google was born).

Of course Scott got revenge. The line for his party later in the evening was even longer than the one to get into the Google Party. Which, of course, he apologized for on Twitter.