I love Bruno’s blogging from TED

I love this blog. Why? Because it makes me smarter.


SXSW Party Hype heats up…

This will probably get on Valleywag. They love it when geeks get together on a Friday night to make really embarrassing funny videos. Which we did. The video? It’s for a SXSW party themed around Rock Band, that fun video game where you get together with your friends and play music together on an Xbox.

Here’s a little peek and a little longer peek at what we were doing in the Revision 3 studios tonight. I just know this is going to be one of those things I wish I didn’t get talked into…

Oh, and the woman in the middle? Her brother is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Is that Dave McClure on drums? Damn, what a wig! Yeah, you’re gonna read about this on Valleywag all right.

In the middle of the frivolity I try to interview Revision 3’s CEO, Jay Adelson. Hey, I work for Fast Company now, so gotta get some business in there! Revision 3 produces a ton of video shows, including Diggnation.

On a more serious note, ReadWrite Web looks at what could be the breakout hit of SXSW (last year it was Twitter). I still have my money on Upcoming.org. Everyone was talking about the list of parties for SXSW.