NASDAQ shows off Adobe AIR “market replay”

Who knew that NASDAQ developers could do cool stuff? (That’s the stock market in the USA where lots of tech companies are listed). Check out their new app, shipping soon, that lets investors “replay” the market and make sure they are getting a fair price.

How is the Web screwed up?

Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s CTO, asks the crowd at the Adobe Engage event yesterday an interesting question: how is the Web screwed up? People from across the industry answer in the video.

How would you answer it?

My answer? There are too many silos that don’t know about each other. Does know about Flickr? Barely. Does it know about Yelp? No. How about Facebook. Nope. MySpace? Nope. YouTube? Nope. Does it gather my social network off of Orkut? Nope. Does it talk to Dopplr? Nope. How about other Web services? Nope.

Until we fix that the Web is screwed up.