U2-3D rocks

Enough said. I saw the movie last night with the Kyte.tv team who are hard at work at a ton of new stuff for that video network. The movie is a great use of 3D and Imax technology. Make sure you see it at an Imax theater. If you don’t like U2 or Bono, though, stay home cause this is a 3D concert experience.


John Edwards drops out of presidential race

Dan Balz, political reporter for the Washington Post, reports that John Edwards is going to drop out of the US presidential race today. It’s a sad ending to the race for me, since I’ve been an Edwards’ supporter since before he invited me to come along on his plane when he announced that he was running back in late December of 2006 (he spoke at Gnomedex that year). On that trip I met Dan Balz, too, who has been covering politics since the 1970s. Back then he said that the press had already picked Clinton and Obama to cover, since their stories were more interesting. Most of the political experts I met with back then thought that Clinton was going to take it all. That looks like it is still pretty likely. But I’m going to vote for Barack Obama in next Tuesday’s primary here in California. I met Hillary when she spoke at Microsoft and, while she’s very smart and will be a capable president, I just like Barack better. I’m tired of Bush and Clinton families running America and want a change. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. Now back to talking about technology…