Google Reader team answers privacy concerns

The Google Reader team answered back yesterday the concerns that people had about the privacy implications of the new friends sharing feature.


Great tips for startups

ReadWriteWeb has 36 great tips for startups.

One thing I’d add to that list: make sure you use every tool you can to help get your story out. The startups that have gotten the best reputation with bloggers have been the ones that show up to conferences and little events around town, do videos, Twitter, AND do everything that ReadWriteWeb talks about.

I disagree that startups have to announce at a conference, too. Sometimes that’s the WRONG place to announce a new product. Why? Well, at Demo there’s 60 people competing for our attention. The next week? Might only be four. Want to get to the top of TechMeme? It’s a lot harder during Demo week.

But, if you don’t do a conference you MUST execute flawlessly on the PR front. How? I’d visit personally 40 bloggers and hold them to an embargo. Make sure you get some video and photographers in there too. They make your story more complete.

Of course if you have an awesome product it really doesn’t matter. I’m freaking over the top about right now. How did I learn about that? An accidental meeting in an Apple store. I’m sure that if they had a PR team the PR team would be really pissed. But I’ve been showing everyone and their brother Qik. If the others, like Seesmic and Kyte don’t get their streaming servers up and running soon they will lose me forever. That’s how strongly I feel about this company.

But most companies don’t have the utility of live streaming video off of a cell phone to do their PR for them. So, for most companies ReadWriteWeb’s advice is good and should be listened to.