Video funding tap wide open

Later today another video streaming company will announce a big funding round — I’ll have news about that later this afternoon after their embargo ends (be watching my streaming channel over on Qik — I’ll put it up there at about 2 p.m. this afternoon and I’ll also get something up on my channel too).

No, I’m not talking about Ustream. They announced yesterday. If you’ve been watching my link blog you’ve seen a lot of others get funding over the past few months.

It’s amazing how much money is flowing. Me? I’m still waiting for the perfect system. Here’s my favorites so far:

1. For mobile. for live streaming. for chat room and overall feature set. I’m looking foward to testing out FlixWagon, which was first talked about today.
2. For community. Seesmic. It is seeing 1,000 videos a day already and it really hasn’t even gotten started.
3. For TV channels. Mogulus. I’ll be using it from CES to broadcast live. Om Malik’s NewTeeVee conference used them too.
4. For audience. YouTube.
5. For internationalization and captioning. DotSub.
6. For interactivity. Asterpix.
7. For video blogging.
8. For decent quality and easy upload. Google Video.

Do you agree with my list? Which ones would you add or remove?