A river of great tech news: NewsGang

It’s different than Digg or TechMeme or my link blog so can’t say it’ll kill either of those, but I already am addicted to NewsGang and getting moreso with each passing hour.

What is it? A continuous river of interesting tech news.

How does it do its work? Let’s see who can do the best job of reverse engineering this. Hint: it’s not an algorithm, it’s a participatory community of people who are good at picking the best of tech news — very hard to game and since you don’t know who has influence on this gesture-counting engine it’ll probably stay that way. Wouldn’t Andrew Keen be keen of that?

By the way, it ROCKS on the iPhone.

Oh, and I notice that things go from blogs, to Google Reader, to NewsGang now in minutes. Freaking amazing how fast this world is starting to move.

How did I learn about this? Click the links over on Steve Gillmor’s latest blog. Heh! So much for “links are dead.” Turns out they are a good way to launch NewsGang. I’ll translate Steve’s blog later so that everyone can understand his point. Heh. 🙂

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  1. Maybe I’m just missing something – technically speaking, how is this not just a collective linkblog?


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