Joi is right

Joi Ito is chairman of the board for the Creative Commons, among many many other things. He really is a remarkable human being that is living a life that few of us could imagine. He speaks at dozens of industry conferences every year. So when he says that a conference is the best his words carry some weight.

LeWeb was a remarkable conference. Why? Because Loic took a far more participatory stance this year. Not to mention he spent 125,000 Euros on the wifi (which still didn’t work that great) and had power plugs under every seat that I was at. Every part of the experience was top-rate and positions LeWeb as the most important industry conference. Period.

One little secret? Loic’s wife did much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Cathy Brooks planned the content and I couldn’t see how to improve it.

The bar LeWeb sets for other conferences is quite heavy. I was walking around with the planner of LIFT (another awesome event I’ll be attending in Geneva in February) and even he was impressed.

I wish every conference were like LeWeb.