Kindle goes to Europe…

I’ve been showing around my Kindle at tons of places to tons of people. Last night I showed it off at a small dinner of great people (Dave Sifry has some great photos). In London I showed it off at the geek dinner.

Reaction has been the same: poor design, interesting idea, weird/crappy look. Very few people tell me they are interested enough in buying one.

Me? I do love the process of reading on it after you ignore the design. It is awkward to hold and it hasn’t gotten less awkward over time, even after reading a ton on it.

Interesting that this doesn’t get people asking me about it the way the iPhone did. No one has stopped me in the train asking about it.

One other thing? The cheap white plastic is getting dirty after being handed around so much.

Oh, and on the Kindle topic I see that Joe Wikert, an executive with Wiley, one of the largest and oldest book publishers around, has started a blog to specifically talk about the Kindle. Subscribed!

We’re all off to see the Louvre. See ya soon.


Google’s new My Location feature

Google’s Mobile Maps with My Location Saved my a** in London. We’re about to go out in Paris. It works great here too.

This is, by far, the coolest thing I’ve put on my cell phone recently. Why is consumer software sexy? You have to look no further than this. I don’t know how I survived without it.

What is it? You hit “0” on your phone and it shows you where you are. Plus it can tell you how to get back to your hotel after you’ve gotten all lost walking around a city you don’t know well.