Did Verizon kneecap Google’s Android?

Joe Wilcox has an interesting point: that Verizon just slapped Google across the face. I know a lot of geeks gave me heck about my stance on Android, but Google is swimming upstream here. It’ll be interesting to see if Android gets traction. Developers love it, yes, but that’s far from the only thing that determines market success these days. At minimum, though, it’s great to see carriers and other big companies being forced to react to Google’s moves. For that alone we should all cheer Google on.


ScobleShow heads to London and Paris

We’re taking the ScobleShow on the road, to London and Paris starting December 6th. We’ll be in London December 6-9, then in Paris for the LeWeb3 conference (which is selling fast and furious — it’s amazing that they have more than 1,000 attendees already).

To get things rolling right Hugh Macleod is throwing us a geek dinner in London on the evening of December 7th. Through some weird coincidence, Dave Winer is going to be there too. You’re welcome, but space is very tight, so let us know. I have 10 spots to give away, leave a comment here if you’d like to come. Hosting us will be cool people from the BBC and Microsoft.

We’ll also do a photowalk. Gotta think about when/where to do that. Any ideas?

Finally, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’d like to meet us in London or Paris, please drop me a note as well and we’ll get you onto the schedule.

Oh, and Milan and Maryam are coming too. If we can get Milan’s passport in time.

UPDATE: The photowalk will start at 9:30 p.m. after dinner — we can take unlimited participants in that — see Hugh’s post for more details.