Twittering Shelley

I was just reading feeds and saw Shelley Powers complaining about Twitter fanatics. Hey, I’m the #1 Twitter fanatic in the world. So, I guess that’s aimed at me. She ends her rant with this quote:

“I worry, sometimes, that we’re at the end of innovation; that we’re caught up in a cycle of Silicon Valley marketspeak that will never allow anything exciting through.”

This is just total bullpucky.

Shelley is one of the worst at this kind of stuff. I guess she doesn’t read my link blog. Which, by the way, is on Twitter and Facebook and Fast Company.

In that link blog I’ve put more than 180 items in the past day up there. Almost none about Twitter or whatever the “fad of the day” is.

Heck, even read TechMeme, which DOES track the “fad of the day.” I dare you to find something about Twitter. Dare you.

I guess Shelley doesn’t watch my video show. I don’t see ANYTHING on the home page there about Twitter.

I’m still looking for the Silicon Valley “marketspeak” that Shelley is seeing.

Where do you see it? Or are you looking in the right places?