My “Upcoming” day today

Every morning I sign onto to see what events my friends tell me are important. If I think an event is important to include in my calendar I tell Upcoming “I’m Watching.” If I am attending, it knows that and you can see that on my calendar.

Today I’m attending two events.

First I’m going to Nokia for the Mobile Mash-Up 2007. I have no idea what they are going to show off but so many startups lately have been talking to me about mobile that this should be an interesting event. Nokia has a fairly large R&D group in Silicon Valley, so it’ll be fun to meet them again.

Second, I’m moderating a panel discussion about new media at Swissnex in San Francisco. It’s unfortunate timing for this event because everyone else will be at the Google event where they’ll be celebrating their new social networking suite of services. But, that’s OK — we’ll read about that on Twitter and have something to talk about. It’s interesting to meet with entrepreneurs from around the world (this event focuses on the Swiss) and I always learn something at those.

Why don’t you join us today?

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