Getting around school site blocks

Does your school block sites like MySpace or Facebook? I was hanging out with Maryam’s family and friends tonight and the kids started comparing ways to get around the system. Of course I turned on my cell phone’s video camera, which immediately got everyone but Patrick to be quiet. He gives up the goods.

Tips? Add a period to the end of URLs, so becomes — the kids say that often works. So does visiting international versions of your favorite sites.

Me? I just turn on my cell phone’s wireless data system (I have a Verizon Wireless card) and say hell with IT folks who try to keep you from doing what you want to do. But if you’re a 13-year-old kid that isn’t economically possible.

Do note how astute they are in sharing information. I bet this same conversation is going on between lots of people tonight. How about in China? Iran? Saudi Arabia? You bet!

I gotta have a talk with Patrick about the porn thing, though. It’s not easy being a parent in these times. Clamp down too hard and they just won’t tell you the truth (lots of Patrick’s friends tell me their parents have no clue what they are doing online).