The event site shootout

Venture Beat’s Chris Morrison has an excellent writeup on the event space sites that are out there. I’d love to see more shootouts like this one. There’s simply too much stuff to try in this industry and having people tear into a category and rate them really helps us all.

That said, I’ve looked into the event space too and I’ve found that is WAY AHEAD for tech geeks. It’s not even close between and everyone else. I’ve found that has easily 10x more tech geek participation than other sites and has more complete listings of tech events, too. Just check out my calendar and compare to anyone else’s tech event calendar.

Keep in mind, though, that other sites are ahead in other genres like music and politics. But I really only care about technology stuff and in the industry I care about you gotta join and you gotta put your events into if you want the best people to come.

I agree with Chris that Eventful is ahead of the others in lots of other ways too.

Oh, and Chris left one huge site off: Facebook. They actually have more events, and more geek participation, but since everything is behind the garden wall I can’t link to it so I can see how Chris left Facebook’s events off. That said, I’d list my event on all these sites, but especially on Facebook and on

If you haven’t yet joined in an event site, why not?


Christian Perry: master tech conf promoter

Christian Perry is someone I admire. He’s cool. Young. And his events are interesting and usually packed in like a sardine can. I expect no less from his SNAP Summit, Friday in San Francisco (SNAP=Social Networking Application Platform.

Victor Karamalis has details on this summit

Speaking of events, you should check out my monster list of tech events around the world. If you add me as a friend I’ll see your events too and I’ll add them to my calendar. really rocks.

Future of home entertainment?

[podtech content=]

Media Master’s CEO and CTO showed me their system and while I was filming I was thinking “someday everyone will have a system like this to manage their home entertainment media.”

The company’s motto explains exactly what they do: all your music, anywhere on earth.

This video is a long one — 53 minutes — but you’ll really learn a lot about the home entertainment and music industries and also see a demo of Media Master’s system. We talk about the music industry, too. The demo is at about minute 14 in this video.

Really awesome stuff.