Debating the future of email

BusinessWeek asked me if I’d like to debate the future of email. They knew I’d take the anti-side against email and pro new services like Twitter. Fun debate.

What do you think?

Blog business opportunity: overseas blog networks

One reason I read so many blog feeds is so I can see trends and business opportunities before anyone else does. One thing I’ve been seeing is the very rapid rise of Blognation. It already is my eighth most favorite blog (according to Google Reader’s trends) and it just started a few months ago. Yesterday Daniel Graf,’s CEO, told me that on a recent trip to Europe that’s all he heard from geeks over there. Blognation has bloggers in dozens of countries with more coming soon.

It was started by Sam Sethi in London after getting fired by Mike Arrington, founder of TechCrunch who still owns the #1 spot on both my list of reading behaviors as well as TechMeme’s leaderboard. Yesterday Sam told me he’ll soon add video, too. I’ll find out more about his plans there soon.

Interesting behavior is that TechMeme doesn’t use much Blognation stuff while I’ve been putting their stuff on my link blog all over the place. This is an example of where TechMeme’s algorithms are slow to recognize newer news sources and changing authority and credibility behaviors. I bet that over the next three months that Blognation will start showing up more on TechMeme’s leaderboard.

But Blognation isn’t the only one. Loic Lemeur’s Seesmic is both going to be a video distribution service (I call it Video Twitter, although it really is more than that) as well as he’s building a network of video bloggers around the world and I know of at least one other blog network being built in Eastern Europe.

Now that’s only in the tech blogging space. If you get outside of the geek world then you’ve got to pay attention to Global Voices Online. My favorite blog to find out what’s going on around the world.

What does this all mean for PodTech? Well, obviously we’re watching this too and we’ll be reacting to these changes in the conversation space with our own strategies. More coming soon.