Partying with Kara of WSJ

I tell ya, it’s hard to keep up with Kara Swisher and her little video camera. On Thursday evening we went to two parties. I was enjoying one of my last parties before Milan gets here and both were interesting events.

She has reports from both.

Party I — August Capital
Party II — iLike celebration of Facebook success.

I show up in one of the videos admitting that I’m a loser. You gotta listen to see why I say that.

It’s a tough life partying with journalists from Newsweek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Kara. But someone has to do it.

Valleywag was at iLike too, catching all the mustaches.


Rapleaf wants your email address

If there’s one reason why I hate corporate marketing departments it’s that they always want your data. Why? To study it. To justify their existence to their bosses.

I saw this pressure up close and personal when the team I was on, Channel 9, was pressured to use Passport and force people to sign up.

Stefanie Olsen at ZDNet News reports on Rapleaf and Upscoop
who are collecting email addresses, among other things, from Facebook and other platforms, and reportedly selling them to marketers.

When I worked at a magazine back in the 1990s I saw this up close and personal too. Did you know that magazines trade your shipping address? Often they collect up to $.08 an address, too. There are entire businesses that do nothing but sell these mailing lists and provide more revenues to publishers.

These are just a modern version of those businesses.

Translation: more commercial crap you don’t want is coming to your social network and your email soon.


UPDATE: Judi Sohn says I totally missed the point here and links to responses from Rapleaf to Stefanie’s post.

UPDATE2: I totally got this one wrong. See my comments here for more info.

Google getting into Facebook territory?

Danny Sullivan reports that Google is getting a bit more like Facebook by enabling a Facebook-style news feed within its Orkut social networking site. I know a few people were briefed on that last week so I’m sure more info will come out soon.

The problem for Orkut is much deeper than just the news feed, though. The UI on Facebook is a lot nicer, and the application platform is going to continue getting PR until someone provides a more powerful one.