Reminder to always open your boxes…

Over on the Consumerist is a reminder to always check your purchase boxes before leaving the store. The blogger there said she was ripped off by Target who gave her a camera box without a camera inside.

That reminds me of the time when I started working at a camera store after a stint away from the store. I did my usual thing and cleaned the store from head-to-toe. One of the reasons I did that was so that I could find things quicker cause I’d know where they are. Plus I’d know what’s in stock so I don’t go trying to sell things that we didn’t have.

But, anyway, I kept finding empty boxes. Where there shouldn’t have been any empties.

Turned out an employee was stealing equipment. We figured out who it was. He was stealing lenses in his thermos and taking them home.

When the cops raided his apartment they found about $100,000 worth of stolen camera gear. One employee can do a lot of damage.

Sounds like Target might have someone doing just that.

Another tip? Make sure the serial numbers on the box and warranty cards match what’s on the camera. Sometimes people will try to return something that’s gone bad by putting it in a newer box.