The eight ways you can be my friend (or enemy) online

Two posts caught my eye this morning:

Steve Rubel: The Web changes how we define friendship.
Donna Bogatin: Real friends don’t share.

I’ve been hanging out in my Kyte chat room on and off since Sunday and one of the most common misperceptions is how online worlds deal with the issue of “friendship.” The misunderstandings here are really deep. Particularly on how Facebook tracks your friendship online.

1) People don’t understand what the difference between a “real” friend and an “online” friend is.
2) People don’t understand that Facebook can tell the difference between my enemies and friends (and I have both on Facebook and Plaxo, since I accept everyone’s online friendship, if requested).

Anyway, I cover this in two videos:

Part I of the eight ways you can be my friend (or enemy) online. 20 minutes.
Part II of the eight ways you can be my friend (or enemy) online. 4 minutes.

I mention Mark Lucovsky of Google in this video because he Faceslammed me. Funny, Google’s new Facebook app doesn’t work for me. Maybe he should have had me test out Google’s Facebook application before releasing it to the world. 🙂

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