Come visit the HP Garage

Thank you Brian Solis for the wonderful wrap up and photos of our visit to the HP Garage last weekend. Thanks to Chris Aarons and Tom Augenthaler and to everyone at HP who worked to get us inside for making this happen. Especially to Anna Mancini, HP’s Corporate Archivist, who interrupted her weekend to come and give us a little talk on HP’s history. I wish the garage could be made more open, but now that I’ve been inside I see that it’s going to be difficult to get more than a few dozen people in there at a time.

If there’s a job of the videoblogging industry it is to get all of us access to things that have forced scarcity for some reason or another. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this little look at where Silicon Valley began.

Thanks to everyone who came, made this day very special.

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Thank you iJustine

I got one of the big iPhone bills too (my son and wife had them since day one) and it didn’t bother me that much, but I wondered why someone was killing all these trees just to show me all the calls I was making. Glad iJustine spoke up about it and now the bills will change to smaller ones with only the important stuff included.

AT&T bills are way too complex, that’s for sure. I still am fighting with them to get all four of our cell phones on a single plan, too. It’s amazingly difficult, especially if you have a variety of different numbers and devices.

Yelp events compared to Upcoming; Incoming “bacn”

Gordon Luk, Co-founder of, my favorite events site

Heh, instead of going to events today I stayed home and am playing with event sites. It must have been because of my visit to yesterday (that’s my photo of co-founder Gordon Luk). Anyway, Webware today writes about Yelp’s new events functionality, which focused my attention even more on the event sites.

I’ve been going through the two sites (Yelp and Upcoming) comparing their approaches to event listings. If you don’t know about Yelp, it’s a site for reviewing restaurants while Upcoming is a site almost wholly focused around events and conferences.

But before we get back to the event sites we should talk about the newest Web term to be passed around: bacn.

You know, we have spam and now we have “bacon” without the “o”.

What is bacn? It’s the emails that get generated by all these social networking sites (and other sites) when you sign in, or get a notification, or when you try to add friends (that generates bacn for your friends). It’s all covered on Andy Quayle’s site. According to Chris Brogan he was the first to use it. Anyway, that term has been showing up in tons of conversations I’ve been having lately.

So, back to the events sites. definitely has the geek events down. Search for “Lunch 2.0” and you find a ton. But what if you want to do something a bit more, say, entertaining? Say Opera in the Park (Yelp) in San Francisco? Here’s the same listing on

What do you notice?

For me, Upcoming is colder. Yelp has links to restauants and has a more pleasing design. At least to my eye.

So, why am I not switching all my event stuff off of Upcoming? Two reasons:

1. Facebook. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re getting sick of hearing me talk about Facebook but it is now the MUST HAVE portal for my digital life. If you don’t have a Facebook application I’m not going to be all that excited about you. So get one. Upcoming has it.
2. My “friends.” I have more than 200 friends that I’ve hand picked on Upcoming. I don’t have any friends on Yelp. Actually, that’s not true. I just added a couple of people I know who I trust to bring me to good restaurants and events. But, still, that’s almost zero. Truth is about these kinds of sites that they really work a lot better after you get a bunch of friends onto them. So, I’m not likely to leave a site where I’ve gotten it all setup and working well and where I have a good group of friends I trust.

Anyway, more on Yelp over on TechMeme. Which one are you going to use? And, yes, I’ll add anyone as a friend who asks me. I’m Scobleizer on Yelp and RobertScoble on Upcoming.

I’d love to know how you like these sites in comparison to Eventful which I haven’t tried much yet or Confabb? UPDATE: I forgot about ZVents, which I’ve had a good look at but forgot about over the past year. Any other event sites we should know about? Yeah, I know there’s one built into Facebook but we’ll leave that one off the table for now.