Another Gnomedex past

Look at all those computers!

This is still the iconic image for me of Gnomedex. Most of these people, when asked by Guy Kawasaki, admitted to being on Twitter. Yes, Gnomedex is a chat room disguised as a conference. 🙂

Seriously, lots of fun. As usual the hallway conversations were awesome. Met geeks from diverse companies like General Motors, Netflix, and HP. More on HP in a moment.

This week I’m going to be a little light on posting. I’m still in Seattle for the next two days, giving a talk to Kathy Gill’s class on Tuesday night. Looking to interview interesting companies and people on Tuesday.

Oh, and thank you to everyone who threw in something for the Gnomedex Baby Shower. I had absolutely no idea you all were going to do that for me. Thank you to Ponzi and Chris for putting that together. It really was special.