Are you a hypermiler?

Recently Daniel Appleman (old-school Windows programmer, heheh, I never thought I’d say that about him) gave me a ride in his new Prius. He showed me how the car was training him to drive slower: it was like driving a video game. On the dashboard was a guage which showed how much gas the car was using. Speed up, gas milage went down. Drive slower, it goes up.

This display inside Prius’s and other cars, along with an increased focus on saving fuel for money reasons and environmental reasons, is leading to a new kind of driver behavior: hypermiling. Matt Kelly has an interesting podcast with several guys who hypermile.

Bloggers go to the symphony

I don’t often mention George Kelly. He’s a great guy who shows up in my life once in a while. He’s one of the people I subscribe to simply because they are interesting and do interesting things. Turns out a bunch of bloggers, including George, went to the San Francisco symphony yesterday and they say they had a great time. See, you can get bloggers to get some culture!