Video startups get veterans to jump

Wild, I was just reading feeds and posting the best to my link blog when this came through Google Reader: Old Media Jumping to New Media. Wow, Jim Louderback (pictured above at a recent photowalking) is now CEO over at Revision 3. Damn, that just made Revision 3 a lot more interesting (not that they needed interesting with Kevin Rose and millions of dollars in new funding behind them).

I’ve known Jim a long time. He interviewed me for a job back when ZDTV was starting up (you know it as TechTV, which is where Kevin Rose, along with a raft of others, gained his popularity).

That report is also saying Veronica Belmont has left CNET to join Jason Calacanis’ new firm, Mahalo. UPDATE: Veronica has posted her own announcement on her blog.

Bonus link: I love Mark Cuban’s HDNet and he gives a report on that here.

Ahhh, the video space is heating up! Gotta get back to work…

PS, thanks to Alan Leclair for the photo of Jim.

Zillow to show off its swanky office tomorrow

I wish I were still in Seattle (just got back to Half Moon Bay from Seattle) but tomorrow if you’re there you should drop by Zillow for lunch tomorrow. They have the best view of any startup I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot). You’ll meet these guys, if you go.

Tonight, if you’re in Seattle, you should drop by the Seattle Ignite event where you’ll meet the Adobe AIR team, among others. My friend Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords will be there too.