PodTech’ers review iPhone on TwitterGram

James McCormick, PodTech's COO, with his iPhone

Hmmm, I like TwitterGram. It can only be 200kb in size, so you only have somewhere around 30 seconds to record a little message. Product reviews done this short force people to get to the point. I asked James McCormick, our COO at PodTech, to give us his thoughts on his new iPhone (he got it yesterday).

Anyway, I just put a bunch of cool stuff on my link blog. Tried to keep the number of iPhone items down there.

UPDATE: Paul Sherer, PodTech’s business development manager, was in line on Friday and got an iPhone. So here’s his TwitterGram review of the iPhone.

Paul Sherer, PodTech's business development guy with his iPhone

UPDATE2: Got some more TwitterGram reviews from employees and people hanging out at PodTech.

Sam Levin showing off his leather "inCase" case

Sam Levin, director of social media here, talks about iPhone and admits he’s a case fanatic.

Patrick Scoble with an ugly Speck case

Patrick Scoble gives his thoughts on his “iPhone case” which really looks like a condom. Pretty ugly.

I still need to get Maryam, Valerie, and a few others who’ve gotten iPhones. Rocky got an iPhone but refuses to open it. — says he’s going to keep it as a collector’s item. What a weirdo! 🙂

Tribal Shout brings podcasts to your phone — which iPhone case should we get?

Bart Decrem's iPhone showing me Tribal Shout, podcasting app for cell phones

Bart Decrem was showing me Tribal Shout today — that’s Bart’s hands and iPhone with Tribal Shout on it above. He was raving about the ability to get a podcast via cell phone service. He says that sometimes he’s bored when he’s running or out about town and wants to listen to something new. Says Tribal Shout lets him get it.

Don’t know who Bart is? He was the founder of Flock and played a key role on the Mozilla Foundation, among other things.

Anyway, onto the second topic of this post. I liked the iPhone case he had on his iPhone (seen above). Made by inCase it was rubber with a very gripable surface on back. Very cool looking. What kind of cases are you finding? Which one do you have?

I showed him TwitterGram and we recorded a little short message from my cell phone which instantly got uploaded to Twitter.

UPDATE: Valerie Cunningham just walked in with her iPhone and showed me her Speck ToughSkin case. That rocks, it has a clip, has better protection around the front for the screen, and can stand up for speaker-phone mode.

This picture is of Valerie and her iPhone. She says “don’t I look cool?” Heheh.

Speck ToughSkin case on Valerie Cunningham

Here’s another picture of the Speck case, as demonstrated by Valerie:

Speck ToughSkin case on Valerie Cunningham

My first TwitterGram

OK, I’m often on the freeway driving between interviews here in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

So, when Dave Winer told me about TwitterGram I was very interested. I’ve always wanted to Twitter from the freeway and let my friends know what’s up, but I didn’t want to use a keyboard. Remember that grass fire the other day? That would have been a perfect time to use this service to let everyone else know what I was seeing in between the pictures I was posting from my Nokia N95 to Flickr.

Anyway, this service rocks. Took me less than 30 seconds to sign up and it works as advertised. Here’s my first TwitterGram.