Comparing N95 to iPhone

Let’s just stop here. The iPhone is superior in almost every way to the Nokia N95. The battery life is better. The contact management is better. The Web browser is better. The photo taking experience is better. The screen is better. The wireless management is better.

The one HUGE thing that’s keeping me from getting rid of my Nokia is the camera.

Now, how many people care about the camera on their cell phones? Not many. But there are a few weirdos like me.

I really am close to saying “screw it” and getting an iPhone anyway. It really is such a superior experience that I can’t justify ANYONE buying a Nokia over an iPhone. Seriously. It’s that divergent of an experience. Walking around I had to reboot my phone once and had some other troubles getting photos uploaded that Patrick didn’t have.

My battery went from 75% to 2% in the course of the walk. Patrick’s iPhone battery meter barely moved, even though he was doing just as much work as I was.

The only reason I’d suggest looking at the Nokia is if you really want a dramatically better camera than the iPhone gives you. Yeah, the Nokia has other features. GPS for one. That’s nice to have, especially if you hook it up to your camera (I haven’t) so that all your photos will be geoencoded. But let’s be honest here it really isn’t a “must have.” I can totally understand why Apple decided not to include one.

I can also totally hear Steve Jobs saying “get a real camera.” This is a time when he’s right.

I’d rather own the iPhone than the Nokia. That said I’m sticking it out with the Nokia so if you see me tomorrow at work you’ll see I am not carrying an iPhone.

That won’t last.

Here’s a photo, though, that demonstrates just how much better the Nokia camera is than the iPhone one.

Nokia N95:

Side of Ritz looking out over Pacific Ocean

Apple iPhone: