Going on an iPhoto walk

It’s stunningly beautiful here in Half Moon Bay, so Patrick and I are going for a photo walk. Why? To compare the cameras in the iPhone with the Nokia N95. We’ll shoot each subject twice, once with each camera.

Watch Patrick’s Flickr feed for iPhone photos.
Watch my Flickr feed for Nokia N95 photos. We’ll start at about 4:15 p.m. Pacific Time today and keep walking for the next hour or so.

It will be fun to take Thomas Hawk out on a similar walk, but he’s having lots of trouble getting his iPhone activated. He’s live streaming all his troubles with AT&T.


Liking iLike on Facebook

iLike is that app that got super popular, what, three weeks ago? Seems so long ago. It was “BI.” Or, “Before iPhone.”

Anyway, I found out that Tracy Chapman lives right up the street from me, so have been listening to her music lately and putting some of it up on my Facebook home page. If you’re one of the 1900+ people who’ve friended me on Facebook, you can listen along. If not, oh well.

Either way, iLike is a great music service. Just search for someone’s name and you can find music by them and add it to your Facebook profile too.

Oh, and did you know that everytime you write something on my wall my phone makes a noise thanks to inbound SMS? Everytime my phone does that I say “Facebook.” It drives Maryam nuts. Ahh, the fun we have in the Scoblehousehold.

Stickers needed for my new Mac

Hugh Macleod has an astute eye. He saw that I have one of his drawings (Microsoft’s Blue Monster) on my laptop.

I notice he didn’t catch that I have a Google sticker right underneath that one which says “Go Code.”

You can watch marketers battle right on my laptop.

Speaking of which, I need more stickers. Who has some good tech industry stickers?