Hello from Cabo, Mexico…

Westin, Cabo Mexico

We’re having a great time in Cabo at the Westin. Maryam’s at the spa, so I snuck onto wifi (you can get wifi on the beach here). Uploaded photos to make all of you very jealous. The Westin in Cabo rocks. I think I’ll switch from being a tech blogger to being a travel blogger. Hey, can you get paid for that? I’ll upload more photos to my Flickr stream now that I got bluetooth working from my Nokia N95.

View from our room, Cabo Westin

Anyway, while I’m sitting on the beach with Maryam, Jason Calacanis is innovating in his usual style. He is trying to become the world’s first open source CEO. How’s he doing that? By asking people on Facebook and again on Linked in to help him with his CEO tasks as he builds his new search engine, Mahalo. Got a bunch of great responses on both. We’ll see if that helps him build his engine into something worthy of taking on Wikipedia or not.

Sunset from Cabo Westin

While I’m hanging out at the beach with Maryam and all that I see that Rocky (my editor) uploaded five videos, including interviews with one of the top geeks at BEA Systems, plus Applebees and Aflac. Want to see how Web 2.0 concepts are being pulled into the Enterprise? Watch the BEA videos at ScobleShow.com.

Anyway, back to hanging out with some of the world’s top PR people.