Loren asks “will you switch to Ask?”

Loren Heiny asks the big question: will you switch to Ask?

I won’t.

Why not? Because of speed. Sorry, a KEY part of Google’s quality (and TechMeme’s, to tell the truth) is that Google’s results come back almost instantly. I just did a search for “Dave Winer” and Ask’s results took about two seconds to appear. Google’s appeared in less than half a second.

Now that I’ve seen the inside of part of a Google datacenter I understand just how tough it’ll be to beat. Google’s datacenters are just so amazing. It’s funny, since I was in that datacenter last Friday I’ve met a bunch of Googlers. None of whom have ever been in a Google datacenter.

Why is that funny? Because the datacenter is Google’s KEY DEFENSE against “new” competition.

From now on if anyone says they are gonna be better than Google at something I’m going to ask for a tour of their datacenter first.

If you don’t have datacenter excellence there’s NO WAY you’re going to beat Google at coming back fast.

It all starts in the datacenter. I’m not switching until someone demonstrates they can compete with Google in the datacenter. That said, it’s nice that Ask improved the UI and is bringing other kinds of searches onto its result page. I’ll keep trying it out, but I won’t switch to it.

Drobo: a better way to serve your stuff

Thomas Hawk raves about his Drobo. At PodTech we have one too and did an interview yesterday with the folks who make Drobo which won’t be up for a few weeks. I plan on buying a LOT more for our video editors because it ensures our data is safely stored on multiple disk drives, which will protect us if a drive dies. I’ll try to get the video up cause it’s a lot better to have a discussion about this thing after you see video of it working, but Thomas does a good job of explaining what it does.

UPDATE: I just was reading my feeds and found Sal Cangeloso, who links to a bunch of Drobo stuff (now you can see why it’s important to read my feeds, Sal’s post and Engadget’s “must read” review wasn’t on TechMeme or Digg yet — Sal said it was must read, I agree).

Of course I put the best posts up on my link blog.