First News: Sun releases new blades

Sun Microsystems just released new blade computers. Here’s video of the press conference. More as I get the press release and other things.

This probably will only be interesting to those of you who buy equipment for data centers.

They released three new blade servers in the 6200 series: one Intel, one AMD, and one running its Niagra chip.

In the video John Fowler, executive Vice President at Sun, gives a runthrough of what the new blade system does and what it’ll do for Sun’s position in the marketplace. He also answers some questions from press in the room.

This press conference was hosted last Tuesday and held until now due to an embargo agreement I had with Sun.

You’re getting an exclusive here. I just talked with Sun’s PR and they’ll have all their press releases and things up in the morning. I’ll link to those when I wake up.

Rocky edited this 22-minute-long video down from an hour-long press conference and another interview I did with Michael McNerney, director of the Blade Server product line at Sun.

I’ve been watching tons of enterprise news sites and can’t find any info yet on them. I’ll let you know when I see more to link to.

UPDATES, here’s the news:

IT Business Edge: Sun launches first blades with Intel.
IT Week: Sun hones blade servers.
CRN: Sun’s new blades lets users mix and match platforms.
IT Jungle: Sun broadens its blade server lineup.
Internet News Enterprise: Sun’s latest blade supports three chip lines.
Register: Sun finally crafts proper X86 and SPARC blades.
eWeek: Sun Launches New Blade Architecture.
TechWorld: Sun starts data centre war with IBM and HP.

And 23 other stories over on Google News already. Interestingly, not a word on TechMeme.

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Photowalking 9: dream machines

This is my favorite Photowalking so far. We shot tons of pictures and video at the Half Moon Bay Dream Machines a few weeks back. 2,000 machines. A dozen photographers. Tons of fun. And short, too. 18 minutes. Rocky, my editor, had quite a bit of fun on this and, even, appears in the video a couple of times (he was shooting video too, so you get to see me working here and there). ScobleShow is getting a little less boring! Thomas Hawk’s blog post and photos of Dream Machines are up here.

Toward the end of the video you’ll catch PC Magazine editor Jim Louderback sitting in a jeep. Thanks for everyone who came and made it a great day!

Let me know what you think. Also, what should we shoot next?

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My favorite 35 feeds for the past month

Google Reader tells me today: From your 684 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 32,879 items, and shared 1,693 items.

Out of those, here’s my top 35 feeds that I’ve put on my link blog, so these are my real favorite blogs out of the 684 technology industry blogs I’m currently reading.

  1. Mashable! (items shared: 93)
  2. Planet Intertwingly. (61)
  3. TechCrunch . (60)
  4. MSDN Blogs (which has more than 3,000 Microsoft employees blogging on it). (41)
  5. GigaOM Network. (46)
  6. Read/WriteWeb. (25)
  7. Media 2.0 Workgroup. (24)
  8. Wired’s Epicenter. (22)
  9. Lifehacker. (22)
  10. AppScout. (19)
  11. Vecosys. (19)
  12. MAKE Magazine blog. (17)
  13. VentureBeat. (17)
  14. 901am. (15)
  15. Adobe Blogs (lots of Adobe bloggers). (15)
  16. Engadget. (15)
  17. Gizmodo. (15)
  18. NewTeeVee. (15)
  19. PaidContent. (15)
  20. StartupSquad. (15)
  21. Beet.TV. (13)
  22. O’Reilly Radar. (12)
  23. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang — he works with me. (12)
  24. Boing Boing. (11)
  25. CrunchGear. (11)
  26. Digg/Technology. (11)
  27. — links for developers. (11)
  28. Google Blogoscoped. (11)
  29. Thomas Hawk, photographer. (11)
  30. Andy Beal’s Search and Internet Marketing. (10)
  31. Loren Feldman’s 1938 Media — funny videos. (9)
  32. Dare Obasanjo, dev at Microsoft. (9)
  33. Ryan Stewart’s Rich Internet App Blog. (9)
  34. Geeksugar. (9)
  35. Google Maps Mania. (9)

Congrats to everyone on this list, you are the top of the top.

What are your favorite tech blogs?
Any that aren’t on my list? I’ll put up the list every few months or so.