I love old trains…

Why are there some train pictures (old steam engine) on my link blog tonight? Cause I love old trains. Shoot me.

Skip over the first page of stuff and go for the meat. The tech blogs continue amazing me with the quality of info and opinions. Oh, heck, I just posted some photos of a B-17 that’s been buzzing Silicon Valley, too. I love reading blogs. I learn a lot, get experiences I’d never be able to have, get the latest tech news, and keep in touch with my friends.

Some other headlines on items on my link blog from just the past 24 hours?

  1. CBS Does Indeed Scoop Up Wallstrip
  2. Overview of the Identity Landscape
  3. Little Guys Care
  4. CBS Acquires Wallstrip: You Can Make Money from Blogging!!!
  5. Dan Pink: writer, presenter, mensch
  6. Google Launches Hot Trends (Sorta)
  7. Rumblings above
  8. Silverlight resources post by ScottGu
  9. Journalists Made for AdSense Publishers, and Regression to the Mean of Content QUality
  10. Blog spam is annoying
  11. Site News
  12. Google Cleaning House?
  13. UP 844 and SP 4449 – The Dalles to Tacoma
  14. YouTube Bollywood Channel
  15. Collaborative Film Making with Your Broadcaster
  16. SlideBurner
  17. Google and Yahoo included in TechCrunch20 Cabal
  18. Maker Faire on Video Via Rocketboom
  19. Roundups: Maker Faire Roundup — Look At All the Fun!
  20. WordPress.com crosses 1 million
  21. Lessig and the Pirate Bay
  22. Bob Brewin on embracing more languages, JavaFX, Spring, and the future of Solaris
  23. The Ultimate Online Video Source
  24. Full Feeds vs. Partial Feeds
  25. Trends of Online Mapping Portals
  26. NewsFlash! — Amazon has DMR Free MP3s
  27. Magnify.net Growing Fast with 1.2M Videos
  28. MySpace Still Dominating Social Networks with 80% of Visits
  29. Microsoft’s open source saga
  30. Playogg.org: A website dedicated to promoting Ogg music format
  31. Donald — Need a job?
  32. Channel 4 Radio Station for Second Life
  33. Microsoft’s reorg: All about Google, IBM and Apple?
  34. Exploiting Silverlight with PopFly
  35. Totally Geeky or Geek Chic? Lego Robotics
  36. One Laptop Per Child and the Cry Babbies
  37. Zooomr Mark III: New Features, Better Look
  38. Is Scoble Really Blocked in China?
  39. Metrics Driven Party Planner — MyPunchbowl
  40. Second Life rolling out WindLight Atmospheric Rendering
  41. Popular Flash Journalism tips
  42. Valleywag Thinks My Old Posts are Breaking News
  43. Ravi Venketesan, Chairman of Microsoft India
  44. Ten Reasons the World Needs Patent Covenants
  45. MindTouch Powers AmplifySD’s Music Community
  46. The Travel Channel Acquires Travel Blog for Editorial Content
  47. Zooomr Mark III
  48. Josh Gliddon sees some Silverlight
  49. TechCrunch on Zooomr Mark III
  50. JavaScript: The Lingua Franca of the Web
  51. The Complete Small Business Solution — The Potential of a Google/Salesforce Alliance
  52. Let Your Readers Do the Selling For You
  53. Seattle Times blog on Microsoft, and aligning around opportunities
  54. How big will the mobile ad biz be? Depends on who you ask
  55. Understanding Adobe’s Apollo
  56. IBM: Dominating the SOA market
  57. ABC.com Readings Online HD Shows with “Streamlettes” from Move Networks
  58. Dell Announces Tablet Latitude
  59. Etags? I’ve never even heard of eTags!
  60. The Rapid Rise of the West Coast Media Industry
  61. Censoring Free Media (Or…Fighting Letters to the Editor)
  62. Apple Investor News Goes Live (Apple 2.0)
  63. Zoho Notebook looks good
  64. Project readOn Offers Captions for Any Video
  65. Wink Adds Twitter to its Search
  66. Shopalize Launches Twitter for Shoppers
  67. Marketing and Twitter
  68. I don’t think that blogging is one of “my things”
  69. Why Genetic Medicine is Tricky
  70. O’Reilly Radar > San Francisco Chronicle layoffs
  71. The Media Interview
  72. SnapLogic seeks to simplify data integration
  73. Best New Mashups: Charity, Digg, Running
  74. Convergence Time?
  75. My Start-Up Life Ships
  76. Video: BBC Interview (Teenagers, Facebook)
  77. The Always on Society
  78. A conversation with Allen Wirfs-Brock about the history of Smalltalk and the future of dynamic languages
  79. Tips for Building Online Communities
  80. Mesh networks for the wireless masses, courtesy of Meraki
  81. Vikram Maden Sums up WinHEC News
  82. Going Private: Alltel for $27.5 billion
  83. Google Coop Embeds Gadgets in Search Results
  84. Marketing Voices interviews Biz Stone of Twitter
  85. Watch: Plazes to move into Twitter and Jaiku space
  86. IBM Sensors Link Real World and Virtual World
  87. Hawaii Court to Decide if a Blogger is a Journalist
  88. Alex Reisner’s cabinet of statistical wonders
  89. Males between the ages of 18-24 more likely to download podcasts via iTunes
  90. Zlio Cut Off by Amazon
  91. Cathedral & Bazaar on All Time Best Business Book List
  92. Google Denies Content Re-Use Deal with UK News Publishers
  93. Tasty Flash bits: Milk, missives, and grins
  94. The technology of OLPC’s hundred dollar laptop
  95. Behind Yahoo’s New Map Design
  96. Be truthful or be exposed
  97. Making sense of Presence and Micro-blogging

Whew! The biggest things that happened today? New Zooomr. Zoho Notebook shipped, Yahoo shipped a new Map Design (this thing rocks). This seems like a lot of items, but in just the past 24 hours I’ve read through 1,128 items. Why do I tell you this? Cause I know it drives John Welch nuts. Heheh.


XFiles actor on ScobleShow

Dean Haglund is on the ScobleShow. He was pitching his Chill Pak, which keeps your laptop cool while using it in your lap, but after that we had some fun. He’s been in a variety of movies and TV shows, including the XFiles, and does standup comedy. He has an interesting story about what got him to invent the Chill Pak. He was the actor that played Richard “Ringo” Langly. Hear what he uses his Mac for.