“Zooomr’s down”

Thomas Hawk, who is the CEO of Zooomr, tells a story about being woken up in the middle of the night to go fix something and get that service back online. Good read to remind you that being an entrepreneur isn’t all that glamourous sometimes. What’s amazing is that he met me that morning, made lots of great images, and didn’t say anything to me about being up all night the night before.

Me? My plane still hasn’t arrived. High winds are keeping the flights out at SFO. So, I’m on the floor at gate 22 doing email and reading feeds and all that. UPDATE: plane is loading. See what you’re missing over on Twitter? Heheh.

On the link blog

Here’s some headlines from my link blog:

  • ┬áPersonal vs. Professional Software Development
  • Student co-developers head banging music maker
  • Helprin on copyright is copywrong
  • Read/Write Web Blog Network Launches with last100.com
  • Microsoft to support Chinese document standard
  • Another Study Claiming Click Fraud is Happening More than we Think
  • Woz preaches the magic of electronics and computers
  • Mary Jo Foley: Ten lessons the Xbox Team can teach the rest of Microsoft
  • Dreaming in Code
  • Newspapers need to go hyper-local to survive
  • Where’s the Marketing?
  • Did Microsoft go lose its head over aQuantive?
  • Long player
  • How does Windows Vista Rate?
  • Popular Mechanics cranks out another ten HDTV myths
  • MS, advertising
  • Missing the Point Department
  • FreeCulture’s annual summit, Harvard, May 26
  • Al Gore’s Office Rocks
  • The “Great HD Shoot Out” review picks the Canon HV20 as top HD camcorder
  • Adobe Digital Editions out of beta next month?
  • Has Google News Capitulated to Newspapers?
  • Geni: the Social Network for the rest of us?
  • Video Call Recording and Capture (Skype)
  • The Value of Aggregating Content
  • Pat Helland 2.0 rejoins Microsoft
  • Jaiku vs. Twitter
  • Coming soon from Cupertino: theft-proof Macs, iPhones, iPods
  • Advertising is the Tech Sector
  • Is Microsoft losing the Alpha Geeks?
  • Maker Faire Video Report

Just a little reading for your evening. I scoured through 863 items to find these, according to Google News.

Congrats to WordPress.com on a million!

Matt Mullenweg announces that there’s now a million WordPress.com blogs and they are throwing a party in SF tomorrow night. That’s really great, I love WordPress.com. It’s been a great service so far and one that I enjoy using a lot. I’ll try to get to the party, but that depends on planes running on time and all that. Either way, I’ll be there in spirit and can’t wait to see what WordPress.com does next.

The dirty little secret of WordPress? It’s audience per blog is much higher than Microsoft’s Live Spaces, for instance. The audience that hangs out on WordPress is a lot more engaged, too, and I believe that blogs on WordPress.com get more than their fair share of Google traffic. Matt told me that more than half of the traffic that comes to WordPress.com comes from Google — the HTML is automatically SEO’d (optimized for search engines).

Either way, it’s a service I recommend to any blogger who wants a free service to blog on.