Second Life 101 with James Au, Linden Labs embedded reporter

I recently had James Au come over my house for beers and a conversation about Second Life. Who is James? He was the embedded reporter that was hired to study what is going on in Second Life. If you’re a marketer and keep hearing the hype about Second Life you’ll want to watch this series. It’s long, about an hour and a half in total (split up over four videos) but we cover a lot of ground. If you’ve heard the hype but have never had a good tour, this is one way to get educated about Second Life. James is also writing a book about Second Life that’ll come out in January 2008 and he has a blog called New World Notes.

If you’re an expert Second Lifer (Eric Rice, are you out there?) then you might get a little bit out of this, but probably not. Instead we tried to answer all the questions I get from marketers who hear about it.

Part I: Intro to James Au and Second Life.
Part II: Cool places to visit, keeping kids safe, a game inside Second Life called Tringo.
Part III: Avatar customization, camping chairs, teen grid, Second Life going open source.
Part IV: Tax revolt, pregnant avatars, memorial plots, fundraising.