Off to New York…

I’m taking the Red Eye tonight to New York where I’ll be speaking tomorrow at the Streaming Media East conference and on Friday at the Personal Democracy Forum.

Here is a conversation that Steve Gillmor and Loren Feldman had about that. I like the “conversation” format that they are playing with. I gotta try that out myself.

On Thursday I have the day free. Anyone want to meet for a blogger lunch on Thursday? How about at the First Ave. Deli?
Katz Deli? At noon.


Read a news feed, go to jail?

I was just reading this article about an attempt in the U.S. Congress to expand laws against copyright infringment and piracy to including “attempts” to infringe. How will they know what is a legitimate and illegitimate attempt? If I read a feed is that an attempt? After all, people can use RSS to copy my content without my permission. IE, infringe on my copyrights. If I try to rip a DVD to my hard drive for my own use, is that an attempt? If I copy my new Office 2007 DVD over to my hard drive so I can have the original source files on my hard drive in case I need to reinstall, is that an attempt?

Really scary stuff. I probably would stop reading feeds and would cancel my Netflix subscription if such a law went through.

Read a feed, go to jail? Maybe!