Dev hiring process at Amazon

Justin Rudd wrote a really great tome on how he got hired at Amazon as a developer. Subscribed!


TechMeme’s founder on my link blog

TechMeme’s founder, Gabe Rivera, is on my link blog. Along with a bunch of other really interesting things happening in the blogosphere today. Where it really came from is Andy Plesser’s video blog. Like Engadget’s Peter Rojas I watch TechMeme every day, it’s my start page. I’m surprised more industry insiders don’t know about it or follow it.

My worlds collide

So, we were talking to Patrick’s mom (my ex) and she said the eBay community blog linked to your eBay videos. I watched them and they were really good.” She’s an eBay Power Seller. Made me happy. I’m probably going to have her on the ScobleShow soon cause she quit her job and is running a jewelry store in eBay and has a lot to say to the eBay’ers.