Twitter vs. Blogger growth

I was just reading Kottke’s comparison about Blogger vs. Twitter growth. He points out that Twitter took off on November 21, 2006 (Twitter’s growth curve started going straight up on that day, when compared with Blogger). Hmmm, what’s the date on my post where I first talked about Twitter again? Yeah, November 20, 2006. 🙂

The other inflection point? March 11, 2007. I again wrote about Twitter in early March. When was that? March 5, 2007.

Now, what you don’t see is that I am just good at seeing doubling effects. That’s why I read so many feeds. So when something is about to get important I’ll run to the front of the parade and act like I’m leading the parade. Heheh.

Really, the high growth in March was due to Leo Laporte talking about it on his show.

Sun comes up with JavaFX in RIA battle

Sun Microsystems today is announcing JavaFX which will take on Adobe’s Flex/Flash/Apollo and Microsoft’s Silverlight in the battle for rich internet applications developers.

Since Adobe has a position of strength with designers and Microsoft has a position of strength with desktop application developers, what’s Sun’s position of strength? Easy: mobile.

Remember the cool cell phone speech to text app that I saw a couple of weeks ago? Written on Java. Or, how about Java. And there are plenty of other examples of really great Java apps on cell phones too.

Will this convince Steve Jobs to include JavaFX on the iPhone? That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it?

Speaking of which it’s time to go see Jonathan Schwartz again. Interesting how his blog post about today’s announcements includes something that looks a lot like an iPhone, huh?