John Edwards’ $400 haircut

One of my hobbies lately that I usually keep off of my blog is talking with people about politics. Why? Because it usually is a good topic when you meet people who could care less about what Twitter is, or what Silverlight will do, or what the latest gadget is.

Anyway, here in Cancun I’ve been spending the afternoon sitting in the pool and meeting people. It’s amazing how many people have brought up John Edwards’ $400 haircut.

Consensus? That it demonstrates a lack of judgment and an unconcern for how this would play with voters. Neither are good messages to send and they sure aren’t playing well with people in the Cancun pool.

How would I handle this if I were running Edward’s campaign? Put video of the haircut (or his next one) up on YouTube and interview the stylist for why his/her prices are so high. I’m sure John doesn’t think this is important to do, would rather discuss issues of more importance like how we get out of the war, but this is hurting his campaign far more than anything else he’s done lately.

Disrupting the Web in Cancun

Scott Beale linked to video of our session yesterday and some photos that Violet Blue took. Here’s my own photos. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Thanks to for inviting us here.

Violet Blue has the video of our “Disrupting the Web” panel discussion, as well as a few other video blogs from Cancun. The questions we got here were from traditional marketers and were interesting to hear. Definitely not the Web 2.0 echochamber, as Renee Blodget puts it.

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