RSS Mistakes people make

I’m listening to Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes talking to a group of the world’s top marketing executives in Cancun, Mexico. He’s running a panel on marketing ideas and strategies for big companies on the Internet. Also on the panel is the CMO of Siemens, the VP of Marketing for Symantec, the Director of Brand and Marketing Communications for DHL Express.

Anyway, I just subscribed to Rich’s blog feed and immediately noticed a mistake I think he is making: if you read his feed in an RSS aggregator (I’m using Google Reader) I can’t tell he’s the publisher for Forbes!

Look at his post in my link blog. Can you tell he’s any more important than any of the other people?

As more and more people move their reading behaviors to RSS aggregators we need to rethink our online branding.

If I worked at Forbes I’d include a Forbes logo in my RSS feed. I’d also include the words “Publisher, Forbes” after his name.

Oh, and let’s not even start talking about the lack of SEO on the Forbes blog. Look at the title tag there. It doesn’t include the words “Forbes” “Publisher” “Blog” — think about how people are going to use Google to find Rich’s blog. It sure won’t be by typing “Digital Rules” into a search box.

Why does what Rich say matter? Cause Forbes claims to be the #1 business site.

What about you, what mistakes do you see people making on their RSS feeds?