Everything is Miscellaneous, great read

On my way here I read most of Everything is Miscellaneous: The power of the new digital disorder, David Weinberger’s new book. It’s a good read, highly recommended. I got it for free, though, so keep that in mind. But I’m definitely giving this to my son’s teacher who told him never to use Wikipedia. It does a good job of laying out the pros and cons of Wikipedia. I learned a ton from the book and that’s good enough for me. Gotta run, the plane is loading.

Oh, heck, got 30 more seconds. Can I do another book review? Let’s try. This week I read “the New Influencers” by Paul Gillin. This is a great followup to our own book, Naked Conversations. Teaches you how news is built on blogs and other places now. Also recommended. OK, they are loading now, gotta run.

Meeting Web architects in the airport

I’m sitting in Dallas waiting for a flight to Cancun. Oh, wait, this isn’t Twitter. Sorry about that.

Anyway, in SFO while waiting in the line to get to American Airlines counter a guy turned around and said “Thanks for doing those Adobe videos.” He was Aaron Pedersen, Interactive Architect at DHAP Digital. He’s working on a bunch of Web sites for Scion all with Adobe’s Flex.

Some things I learned from him:

1) It was the first time he’d heard of me.
2) Found me after Ajaxian linked to my videos.
3) Said my video did more for his understanding of the architecture of Flex/Flash than anything else on the Internet.
4) He’s looking into Silverlight but thinks he’ll stick with Flex for now because of the ubiquity and because it’s something he and his team knows and understands.
5) Is excited that Adobe open sourced Flex.

Disclosure: Adobe sponsors PodTech to do a variety of podcasts, but my show isn’t sponsored by them and my compensation isn’t tied to any sponsorship. Neither Microsoft nor Adobe paid me to either write about, video them, or had prior restraint on any of my work. My interview with Scott Guthrie at Microsoft wasn’t paid for either (PodTech paid all my expenses to go down to Las Vegas).

This is why I love having Seagate as a sponsor. If it weren’t for them I couldn’t do any of this work and they’ve been a dream sponsor.
Either way, I told him that I thought Silverlight is something he should look into because it’s very impressive.


Yahoo is up on rumors that Microsoft is wanting to buy it. Something to ponder as I travel to Mexico with Maryam today. Of course that is getting covered from all angles on TechMeme. I’m speaking at the Forbes Online Brand Management forum. I’m not being paid (they paid my travel expenses, but Maryam’s paying her own way down there). No link blogging or regular blogging until Tuesday (I’m going to a BEA thing on Tuesday in Atlanta, though, so not even sure I’ll be back until Thursday next week — too much traveling in my life).

UPDATE: it’s funny that Microsoft could end up paying a LOT more for Flickr and Del.icio.us than it would have paid if they had bought those when I told Gates to buy those. Sigh.