Harry, would love to talk with you!

The top story on TechMeme this morning is that PC World Editor, Harry McCracken, resigned his job yesterday cause his boss wanted to be nicer to advertisers and wanted to kill a story he did on Apple. I like Harry a lot. He was in my living room a few months ago during a debate about OSX vs. Vista.

Anyway, Harry, I’d love to work with you again — your stock just went up due to your editorial stance. IDG’s just went way down.

UPDATE: I just striked out the text above because John Welch is right and I don’t know what really happened. I’ve been reflecting on his words and he’s right that we’re only hearing one side of the story. I know that from my time inside Microsoft that usually the story you see in public isn’t the true story and that only the employee who left the company gets to speak because of fears of getting sued. We know that Harry isn’t working for PC World anymore. But we don’t know the kind of story he wanted to run or hear Colin’s point of view.

Either way, Harry was enjoyable to work with before and I’d love to work with him again.