Some people have been writing me about my writing for Fast Company. I have NOT left PodTech. I’m writing a column for Fast Company magazine, that’s all.

Did Digg do something?

Heheh, if you’ve been over at TechMeme you know all about the Digg story so I won’t even bother putting stuff about that on my link blog.

There’s an interesting Silverlight Hype Backlash going, I posted a couple of things about that. MindManager 7 is coming out. So is Mathmatica 6. Oprah has video of Google. Splashcast is pissing off podcasters because they are rehosting their audio and video. All that and more on my link blog.

Over on ScobleShow there’s a cool app for photographers that’ll help you make photo stories. More to come later, got an interview with Scott Guthrie of Microsoft coming up later tonight.

More than 600 emails waiting. Sorry, gotta run…