Meet the “Learning Lunatic”

Last night at the blogger dinner we held for Hugh Macleod a guy, Steli Efti, came up to me and said it was his first day in the United States and said he appreciated being allowed to come to our dinner.  I asked him what he was doing and learned that he had come to Silicon Valley to learn about the valley, and to try to build his dream: a new kind of online school, calls it a SuperCool School. He bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco, sold all his stuff and is just trying to learn and meet people and make something happen here.

I found him interesting because it’s the same kind of impulse that, I’m sure, got people to come to San Francisco in the 1850s. They heard there was gold in them thar hills and they were gonna come here and dig it out. Only this guy was here for a lot more altruistic of reasons: he understood that in his hometown of Stuttgart, Germany there isn’t that many geeks to talk ideas with.

Anyway, I don’t think his ideas are thought out enough to really present, but I find him interesting enough to introduce to you.

He’s on Twitter, is looking to meet interesting people in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. He also is paying $100 a night to stay in a hotel and he’s hoping to find cheaper housing so he can stay in California a little longer on his funds. If you are looking for a short-term roommate, drop him a line.

I love meeting dreamers and crazy people who have ideas that they want to change the world. Funny, I took him to see the HP garage, where Silicon Valley started and there was a busload of Japanese tourists there. I wish him luck and he’ll be interesting to follow either way.

Some people I’m hoping he meets eventually are Christian Long and Ewan McIntosh, both of whom are people trying to change the educational system. Funny enough they aren’t in San Francisco.

We had a good laugh over being on Twitter, though. It’ll be interesting to see who adds him as a friend on Twitter.


Scott Guthrie on Silverlight

Here’s my interview with Scott Guthrie, general manager at Microsoft, about the stuff he announced on Monday at Mix. Jeff Prosise, cofounder of Wintellect (he wrote one of the most important books on Windows programming) is on my video saying “it’s world changing.” Scott runs many of the teams that demoed stuff on Monday.

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