Bad commute coming tomorrow in Bay Area

Thomas Hawk was a little late for our photowalking today because he thought it was important enough to get pictures of the destroyed 580/Bay Bridge interchange. The commute is going to be really messed up for the next few months. Be warned if you’re coming from the East Bay to Oakland or San Francisco over the Bay Bridge.

Anyway, we had a really great day. We told everyone to use photowalking9 as the tag. I’m sure we’ll see photos by tonight since about a dozen photographers showed up (there were hundreds of people taking pictures, and it seems the most popular tag is “dreammachines” for looking at those). It’s amazing just how much time and money are put into cars, though. Some really stunning cars were on display there.

This B-17 was a real thrill to stand underneath. I met a guy once who got shot down in one of those over Germany and spent the next few years as a prisoner of war.

I’m off to fight the traffic (it’s quite a mess in Half Moon Bay) and drop Patrick off. Then gotta fly to Vegas for the Mix conference. See ya live tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.


Photowalking today, eBay news and Mix tomorrow

At 9 a.m. today we’ll be at the Half Moon Bay airport to see Dream Machines (gates open at 10 a.m., but we’ll get there early cause parking is going to be difficult). Thomas Hawk and several others like Jim Louderback, editor-in-chief of PC Magazine, will be there to film a photowalking. My cell phone is 425-205-1921, give me a call when you show up and we’ll figure out how to join up (2,000 machines will be there, so it’ll be a bit hard to find each other).

Today’s actually a busy one. In addition to doing the Photowalking (I’ll be there until about 1 p.m.) I have to drive Patrick to the Apple store in SF, then home to Petaluma, and then I’ll be taking off for the Mix conference where Microsoft is expected to open source part of its new Silverlight, at least according to InfoWorld. Anyway, hope you understand why I won’t update the link blog or anything else until tomorrow night (although I’m up to date right now, and notice that I’m reading even more feed items than usual — 33,000 in past 30 days according to Google Reader).

Oh, on Monday at 9 a.m. Pacific Time I’ll have some Web 2.0 news from eBay and starting around that time I’ll also be broadcasting live on with my live video camera — I’ll do that from around 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Mix in the BlogZone there. Come by and say hi and you’ll get on the Internet live.

Lawyers at Skype bring negative PR to Skype

Ahh, the lawyers at Skype screwed the pooch. I am actually on their side in this fight, too. I know that they need to protect the trademarks otherwise they’ll lose them. At Microsoft the lawyers would do stuff like this from time-to-time (my friend Robert Mclaws told me recently that the Microsoft lawyers are again going after some community members who’ve taken on trademarks too closely).

What should have happened? A licensing deal that doesn’t cost much. Say a buck a year. That way Skype would have been able to shut down bad uses of the Skype trademark, while letting community members who are helping its ecosystem out stay up.

Worst case? Sites like this should be shut down by lawyers when they pop up, not years after they become popular.

Personally? I’ll never start a community site with a trademark in a URL or a name. I know that the danger of getting a lawyer to jump on you is way too high. This isn’t the last time this will happen.