Talking about Twitter on NPR

This morning I was on NPR’s OnPoint radio show, along with several others talking about Twitter, including Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO. You can listen in, if you have Real Networks’ player. It’s a balanced look at Twitter, includes those who think it’s a lame service to those who think it’s world-changing.

I loved how Jack answered one caller who said that Twitter reminded him of the borg: “Twitter is best when you limit it to your circle of friends. If your circle of friends is the borg then you’re going to have some issues potentially.”


Do you have the IT blues?

There’s an anonymous blog that’s gotten my attention. It’s from a software developer who explains that he is having trouble fighting depression and anxiety.

This is a problem I’ve seen people have in our industry. I don’t have the answers other than what keeps me going is that I realize I’ll be in a box someday so might as well try to improve people’s lives while I’m here. And, I’ve gotten some great experiences like this week’s Charles River Venture partner meeting where I was around really interesting people who fed my soul and didn’t expect anything in return.

One other thing? When I am depressed I turn on HDNet and watch a concert or something. Right now Styx is on.

Thanks Mark Cuban for funding that. It’s just freaking amazing picture quality. It’s like being there in the concert hall. It’s the most satisfying purchase I’ve ever made and HDNet is getting to be one of my favorite channels to turn on.

But, back to the question: how do you get clarity in your life, especially if your head is running 20x normal speed?