Photowalking8, Part II up

This is a short one, but Photowalking 8 part II is up. Lots of fun stuff on the beaches of Half Moon Bay. Eight minutes or so.

See ya back in Half Moon Bay on Sunday at 9 a.m. at the front gate of Dream Machines.

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Microsoft brain drain?

I just got a press release that Tjeerd Hoek, director or user experience design for Microsoft Windows, is now executive creative director of software and hardware convergence at Frog Design.

Tjeerd was well liked and well respected inside Microsoft.

Microsoft is seemingly in the middle of a full-bore executive cleanout. I’ve seen tons of executives leave, particularly in the MSN/Live division that’s struggling to compete with Google. Nearly every executive I knew inside that division is now gone.

Just a few days ago Mary Jo Foley reported that Dane Glasgow left, following Chris Payne. Mary Jo also has a report on Microsoft’s financial results, which were pretty darn good overall (they better be, a new copy of Windows and Office shipped). The question now is “will the sales of those sustain over several quarters?” Microsoft’s guideance says it will.

Cell-phone vendor switching killer app

I am hanging out with a bunch of Charles River Ventures partners this week in Phoenix and one of them, Mobeus, just showed me something that will get me to switch cell phone vendors when it comes out.

Well, it was CEO Dave Grannan and Mike Phillips, CTO, who pulled out their cell phones and — started talking to them.

But, not in the way you might think. Their words were — almost in live time — being transcribed right in front of me.

Full text off of voice.

It is a killer app for cell phones.

I sure hope Apple’s iPhone gets their service (probably won’t, though, cause it’s built in Java and requires a Java runtime on the phone which Steve Jobs seems set against) cause I really want to buy an iPhone with this service.

This is the first thing I’ve seen for mobile phones that might get me to not buy an iPhone.

Imagine telling your phone “San Francisco pizza” and having it change that to text and go to search engines to bring back pizza places.

It works this well and it is the demo of the year I’ve had so far.

The technology won’t ship until later this year (they are going into beta testing in the next month or two).

They are totally stealth mode. Don’t even have a Web site (and say it they will have a different name when they go public). Dave said I got the first public demo.

I’ll definitely keep in touch and bring more about this company when they ship.