Photowalking8 is up: monster lens edition

About 25 people, including Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, met on a Saturday morning recently in Half Moon Bay late last month to shoot images in Half Moon Bay and this is that video. First half of it anyway. The second half of it will be up tomorrow. This is a pretty short version, just over 12 minutes.

You’ll hear about Thomas Hawk’s new Epson printer. See Dave Sifry shoot flowers. Here’s all the photos shot that morning, on Flickr in order of most “interestingness.”

Here’s Thomas Hawk’s blog about the day and here’s Dave Sifry’s writeup of the day.

This is my favorite part of my job.

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Google tracking my history

I turned on Google History. I’ve gotta admit, that really freaks me out to see all my surfing behavior tracked and displayed in my face. Google knows a lot about me and if I had access to your history I’d be able to surmise a lot about you. That’s my theory, anyway. What do you think about Google History? Does it make you think differently of Google? Why?

But, thinking about all this attention data that advertisers would love to get their hands on, what’s amazing is that I’ve told the Web that we’re expecting to have a child in September and I still haven’t gotten any ads for cribs, strollers, clothing, food, cameras, or anything else yet. I’m really surprised that I haven’t gotten more emails or Twitters or comments telling me about all things parental. People at work say that that industry kicks in after you have the kid. That’s a bad move. I’m looking to buy a new camera now. A new crib now. New clothes for Maryam now. And lots of other things before we have the kid.

And wait until the advertising industry understands just what Twitterment is. If I were a marketer working at Procter and Gamble this is what I’d be studying.