Sigh, I fell for a late April fools’ trick. I took this hook, line, and sinker because of the past behavior on this site (they’ve always been a fairly straightforward tech site). I’m not happy with myself about not being skeptical enough. It’s one thing to make something up on April 1. It’s a whole nother thing to make something up on April 13.

Congrats to the Technology Evangelist show for taking over for Imus on CBS.

Oh, and the Technology Evangelist’ show looks the best out of all the videocasts we’ve watched this week on Apple TV. Better than regular TV by far. Not as sharp as Discovery Channel (which is a 1080i, professionally done show) but pretty damn good!

I’m watching their April 6th show on my HD screen right now and it shows off how an Apple TV works on a standard TV (picture gets squished).

Nice stuff!